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Website Page Builders In 2020: Not As Easy As You Think!

6 January 2020

We’ve seen time and time again, clients who have gone down the page builder route on their own, and at a later stage hired us to overhaul their entire website.

As of recent, website page builders have been on the rise. Companies like Wix and Squarespace have become increasingly popular and will continue to grow in 2020. They offer cheap and easy website design solutions by giving the customer the ability to drag and drop elements to create a beautiful website without the need for a web designer or developer. Seems simple right? Many of our current clients have previously used page builders, but inevitably they sought professional design services as they find their self-created website is not meeting their intended outcomes in the digital space. Sure you can select from existing templates, but the problem is the same as merely installing a WordPress theme – does it achieve your goals through web design? 

Website Design Requires Experience and Knowledge

In 2020, it’s likely that everyone’s brother’s friend’s aunty’s nephew can build you a website. They have confidence in the marketing slogan’s of most page builders – “we make website design simple, you can do it too!”. The final design may be mediocre or replicate an existing competitor’s website, without knowing that it has been made with a specific strategy for results that may not align with their own – therefore creating a disservice to their brand and its outcomes through bad design. Promoting key messages, creating good user experience, clear call to actions, or knowledge of the best website practices may be ineffective or entirely disregarded.

Experienced web designers draw from years of expertise to specifically highlight your message and deliver it to your user. They know what works through industry education and involvement in various design projects, and with the right designer you may see a fervent hunger for creative knowledge, allowing them to see how trends have evolved throughout their career. Essentially they become a translator – bringing all your organisation’s ethos and vision into a culmination of design that your user can easily understand and take action upon.

Website page builders become an excellent tool for these designers because it streamlines their creative workflow when there is no need for development. However, without development capacity there may still be restrictions in design if there are objectives in the brief that require coding knowledge.

Web Development Is An Artform

If you want the best website possible, the idea of bypassing a web developer to save project costs is detrimental. The design process may begin well, but you will soon find yourself stuck if you don’t have basic HTML, CSS or other relevant coding knowledge. Developers undergo years of education for a reason – it’s hard! A site builder may make your website aesthetically appealing, however it won’t make up for clean code and other tweaks needed for your website to be fully optimised, to benefit your user and user experience and affect potential search results if you don’t have a developer on board. Additionally, if you need functionality outside the scope of what’s offered within your website page builder, you may find yourself at a complete dead-end. 

Find What’s Right For You

It’s important to note that site builders are a great tool if they fulfil your website requirements or to establish an initial web presence, as they do not require a web designer or developer. They are a cost effective tool to get a website live as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that it will still take time and plenty of trial and error. Getting your site up by yourself is a great learning experience, and as they say – knowledge is power!

If your aims are beyond a basic web presence however, don’t fall into the trap of self-design. It does invoke a feeling of supreme competency – just like how owning a sports car does not make the driver a professional track racer. The age-old mantra ‘do it once, do it right’ rings true, as saving project costs with below average or cheap design may backfire, inevitably wasting time and increasing budget spend when you need to find help to get your website redesigned and developed from scratch.

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We're here to help.